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React Transnational Meeting in Turin

React Transnational Meeting in Turin

React partners gathered in Italy on 28th-29th April 2022 to assess the implementation of the project to develop a coherent model for a holistic design of a truly inclusive, culturally adapted, and collaborative online learning environment for Vocational Education.

The transnational meeting took place in Turin marking a new step to implement the second phase (IO2) of the Erasmus EU funded project.

The meeting was well organized and implemented by the Italian partners.

On the first day, Ms. Sandra Sitnikaite of HumaCapiAct presented the Intellectual Outputs (IO2) of the project and contextualized its achievements. Further, Ms. Anna Kurth and Ms. Shranjani Shukla of the lead partner, the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) Ms. Marievi Gretsi ofAKMI, Mr. Bernd Kruczek of BK Consult, and Mr. Dejan Janjic of Opinion and Action, and Ms. Adra Ivziku of EVBB, presented their high-quality training material for Vocational Educational Trainers. As a result, a constructive and engaging discussion regarding the newly developed training material took place.

After a productive and successful completion of the first day, the partners got an opportunity to visit Turin city and got acquainted with the history and traditions of the first Italian capital.

On the second day, Mr. Emanuele Peri introduced the pilot scheme of the Moodle structure to all the seven partners.

Ms. Shranjani Shukla presented the training that must take place in Germany as joint staff training in September 2022 followed by the mid-term project overview and reflection on all the tasks implemented.

The partners have reached the common ground on developing six Modules in IO2 for the designing of a new virtual classroom curriculum.

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