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React Joint Staff Training

React Joint Staff Training

React Joint Staff Training is taking place online from the 5th September 2022- 7th September 2022. The activity is organized by the lead partner, the University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM), Mannheim, Germany.

Highly motivated participants and presenters are joining the training to train and evaluate the Open Educational Resources that was prepared during the course of Intellectual Output 2.

On the first day (5/9), Anna Kurth from Nordic Horizon Institute and Shranjani Shukla from University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM) will be presenting and training the freshly brewed material on Module 1 and Module 2 respectively extending to the discussion by the consortium on the same. One the second day (6/9), the modules will be trained and presented by BK Consult, Opinion and Action and EVBB. On the third day (7/9), last two modules will be trained and presented by AKMI and HumaCapiAct and at the end the first look of the Moodle website prepared by Emmanuele Peri of HumaCapiAct will be presented in front of the Consortium.

After the Successful completion of the Joint Staff Training, the project will move into the last phase of Intellectual Output 3, where the participants will be training the Vocational Educational Trainers in their respective countries.

The React project is driven by the main aim to develop a coherent model for a holistic design of a truly inclusive, culturally adapted, and collaborative online learning environment for Vocational Education.

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