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Teachers and adult educators in Cyprus use React techniques for distance learning

Teachers and adult educators in Cyprus use React techniques for distance learning

With significant participation of adult educators, teachers and other stakeholders from all over Cyprus, the REACT peer educator training seminar was successfully completed.

The training seminar marks the completion of the React e-learning platform, open and accessible to all stakeholders in Cyprus.

The seminar took place on Tuesday 28 March in Cyprus where the six educational modules that support collaborative and inclusive teaching were presented. Over 90 teachers and vocational trainers showed their interest and actively participated in the online event.

The training seminar was conducted by Opinion and Action trainers Kyriakos Pierides, Dejan Janjic, and educator Andromachi Christodoulou – Pieridou.

The training modules are available on the REACT e-learning platform free of charge to the public in English, Greek and other languages.

Those who are interested still have the opportunity to deepen their understanding of e-learning by simply registering for free on the platform and taking full advantage of its educational products.

The seminar included a general presentation of the 6 Modules and a specific presentation of the chapters “What is Collaborative Learning”, “Learner-centred learning” and “What is intercultural diversity?”.

The six REACT training modules are:

Module 1: Introduction to collaborative e-classroom environments
Module 2: What are the types of learning in a collaborative, inclusive digital environment?
Module 3: What are the strategies for collaborative and inclusive environments?
Module 4: How does collaborative learning apply to the digital classroom?
Module 5: How does Moodle as a learning management system engage learners?
Module 6: Diversity, Intercultural diversity, Benefits, Challenges

The aim of React is to enhance the skills of teachers and vocational trainers in developing digital methods that facilitate the collaboration and integration of students, pupils and other learners in an online classroom environment.

The React project contributes to the development of quality and inclusive online teaching, through the development of innovative educational methods and techniques that can be used to better integrate pupils, students and other learners in a digital classroom.


University of Applied Management Studies (HdWM), Germany
AKMI Educational Organization, Greece
HumaCapiAct, Italy
Opinion and Action, Cyprus
BK Consultants, Germany
EVBB, the European Association of Institutes for Vocational Training

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