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This section of the website will be dedicated to the E-learning Platform to be developed in the framework of the project in due time. The platform will function as a digital space where can be found either already existing or new collaborative and inclusive techniques adapted in the virtual environment of the classroom. All OERs and innovative material of collaborative methods of teaching and learning to be developed under the REACT project, including the MOOCs and the new virtual classroom curriculum for VET trainers, teachers, educators, will be provided freely on the E-Learning platform.

The E-Platform will also include the Toolkit containing a set of outreach material for creating a collaborative and inclusive e-learning environment.

The COVID- 19 pandemic has resulted in a sudden transformation of classrooms from their face-to-face usual setting to a virtual environment (e-classrooms). This transformation has created an imperative need for teachers and learners to adapt in a new reality‼

Within this context, React for inclusive e-classrooms seeks to contribute to the delivery of a high-quality, inclusive and collaborative online learning environment, through the development of innovative educational methods and techniques that can be used to enhance the ability of VET providers, as well as teachers, trainers and educators to provide high-quality and inclusive digital education.

The project is co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union.

Project Duration: 24 months
Project Start: April 2021
Project End: February 2023


Online  Platform
Online Platform
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